Understanding Solar Powered Cars


Understanding what solar energy is and what it can and can’t do is important. This is especially true with the incredible amount of growth the solar energy industry has seen lately. For most people, the extent of their solar knowledge is that solar energy can be used to power some, or all, of the lights in their home. Many don’t realize that we are living in the era of solar-powered cars that have the ability to travel long distances without the need for recharging at an EV charging station. But, that is what new solar technology has enabled us to accomplish and we believe that solar powered EV’s are the future of the modern automotive industry.

     Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at solar-powered cars and see how they work, what the benefits of a solar powered vehicle are and when you will be able to purchase a solar-powered car here in the US.

What Is A Solar Powered Car?

     Solar-powered cars are just like any other car, except the way they are powered. Solar cars harness the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells and convert it into electricity. This electricity then provides power to the car’s battery which runs the car’s motor. Some examples of solar-powered cars include the University of Michigan solar car, the MIT solar car, and Aptera’s world’s first Never Charge electric vehicle.

     The photovoltaic cells that solar-powered cars use to convert the sun’s energy to electricity are made up of silicon semiconductors that absorb the light. The sun’s energy then frees electrons within the semiconductors, which create a flow of electrons. This flow is what generates electricity to power solar cars.

Benefits Of Solar Powered Cars

     Solar powered cars offer a wide range of benefits over their traditional-powered counterparts. Solar-powered cars work silently so they don’t add to the noise pollution and they don’t create greenhouse gases. Solar energy is free which saves owners money on fuel which also makes them independent from foreign oil.

When Will I Be Able To Buy A Solar Powered Car?

     You can buy a solar-electric hybrid today from a wide range of manufacturers, but only one offers the world’s first Never Charge electric vehicle. Aptera, a solar-powered car manufacturer in California just released the Aptera “Never Charge” Solar which promises a much longer range without having to recharge the car’s battery.

The World’s First Never Charge Electric Vehicle!

     While many solar-powered vehicles are still in the prototype stages, there is one company whose solar-powered vehicles are already on the road. Aptera has launched the world’s first Never Charge electric vehicle. With one of the automotive industry’s most innovative on-vehicle solar packages, the Aptera “Never Charge” Solar enables you to travel more than 40 miles a day, and over 11,000 miles per year, without ever having to the plugin.

Contact Aptera

     To learn more about the benefits of solar-powered vehicles and to see the world’s first Never Charge electric vehicle, contact Aptera today!

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