Five Easy Tips to Prepare your Motorhome for Travel


Motorhomes are ideal travel partners that have tremendous amount of advantages. It is a travel solution that reaches you places while you enjoy the comfort of being indoors, in its moving yet luxurious cabin.

But before your travel date nears, you need to take some time out to prepare the motorhome into a safe and sound stay. For that the experts at the Des Moines Class A Motorhome dealer have all the relevant tips.

  1. Get Fresh Engine Oil

Since you do not own the motorhome, and is hiring it for a trip, you are unaware of the last time the motor oil has been changed. S, it is always recommendable to get the motor oil changed before you start your first road travel.

  1. Check the Battery

Before you start the journey and there’s a couple of days left, make sure to check that the vehicle battery is charged and tested out. Simultaneously do not forget to take a look at the engine compartment and the generator so that you don’t run out of any of the fuel resources, at the middle of your journey.

  1. Weatherproof your RV Systems

The next most necessary thing you need to have a check upon is the weatherproofing of all the mechanisms and plumbing system. This is required because you might cross various temperature zones and face unpredictable climate changes.

For this you also need to take special care for the tires. Check the air pressure and conduct a tire rotation service if possible.

  1. Check the Exterior Roof and Seals

Once the systems are in place, now it is the turn to the outside part of the motorhome. It would be easier to start with the roof and get it inspected as well as cleaned up following the instructions of the manufacturer. Things would take a different route if it is made of membrane. After a thorough wash, allow it to dry and then start examine the roof especially all its sealants carefully. Pay attention and take immediate steps if you get to find any loose ends, a crack, or open bubbles. In case of any of these reseal them using the proper sealant.

For this again, it is best to refer to the owner’s manual, to know the right kind of sealants for the RV or the roof. The checklist must include roof vent covers, vents, skylights, solar panels, antennas, and other parts it is consisted of.

  1. Undergo a Deep Cleaning for the Interior

As rightly said by the new Class A Motorhome in Des Moines staff, it is the interior of a motorhome that becomes subject to everyday use. hence it is more susceptible to wear and tear because of different user using this tight living space.

As a motorhome is supposed to travel through different landforms and forest areas, there’s enormous chance for insect spread. So clean every corner of the space, especially inside and out of the furniture, and other concealed spaces, to ensure a safer rest room for your travel.