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Germany is the hometown of many luxury automakers and Mercedes-Benz is one out of it. Models built by Mercedes-Benz are built with the motive of ‘The Best Or Nothing.’ It is a fact that Mercedes-Benz is the most sold premium car across the world in 2018. In India, Mercedes-Benz has huge demand, where buyers like you wait for the right moment. Mercedes-Benz is not only a transport vehicle but an art that automakers and its drivers can feel into. Big Boy Toyz is the place where you can buy the second-hand Mercedes-Benz easily at less time and an effective price range. We deliver the top-notch quality and certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz at your doorstep. Therefore you get a wide range of models and variants available with full specifications. These used Mercedes-Benz cars perform extremely well on the streets of India. What more are you looking for? We are sure that we have all that you want under one roof from minimal price to your favorite brand variant. 

Mercedes is the most popular German automobile brand known for its marquee models all over the world. The brand name in India is synonymous with esteem and status and therefore, the dream of every car aficionado. The variants available in several petrol, diesel, and EV endear to all. The price ranges from Rs 40.9 lakh to Rs 2.78 crore with any authorized Mercedes dealer. With special features to reduce the effects of strong wind, GL comes with standard specification Crosswind assist and can easily accommodate 7 passengers. Mercedes GL class has been declared as the S class of the SUV’s as it combines the timeless aesthetic beauty of the Mercedes design, with several innovative features to ensure the luxurious drive one expects from the Mercedes. The front design of Mercedes GL includes an upright radiator grille, a chromed skid plate with a bone-shaped inlet grille, and the bonnet giving it power and looks. To configure and test drive a used Mercedes GL class in Mumbai contact your authorized Mercedes dealer. You are assured of a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

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Big Boy Toyz’s mission is to provide quality luxury cars with highly personalized care at competitive prices. Our motto is to satisfy our customers by delivering them pre-owned luxury Mercedes with high quality and satisfy them. Each Mercedes car is checked and verified by experts and professionals to ensure that each Mercedes car meets the high standards of evaluation in all aspects before it is delivered to our esteemed customers. There are several checkpoints to ensure customer safety which is our priority at all our studios. Each Mercedes car comes with complete previous service history and is verified for Mercedes authorized dealership.

The motto of Mercedes-Benz ‘The Best or Nothing’ has kept them going till now successful worldwide. It has been an effective extravagance vehicle because they have kept their consistency with client contact from the start. For instance, Muscular doctors are consulted for manufacturing the seats of a luxury car. The safety developments which was then premium measures such as Anti-lock brakes and safety cage, which later became mandatory in every car. Mercedes-Benz has built itself as a client cordial and creative team. So, used or new Mercedes-Benz GLS won’t affect you. It will deliver the same pleasure as of new. Big Boy Toyz is an exclusive place where owning exotic cars is a passion. Should you think of buying a Pre Owned luxury Mercedes car, you are assured of quality and pricing at Big Boy Toyz. Remember, Used cars are as good as the first-hand ones provided they are certified by the respective dealer(s).