Four Factors Helps You to Understand Your Brake Discs Needs Replacement


Brakes perform an important function in the car. This needs to be well-maintained if you want to work the best. Brake suffers from wear and tear due to various factors and has to be replaced from time to time. Take a look at some of the factors that will help you to know that your brake needs replacement.

Look and Listen

 Brake Discs

There are two ways to which you will be able to check the wear and tear on the disc brakes. One is by looking, and the other is by listening. You can check the wear simply by taking a look at the brake pads. You can see them through space in between the wheel spoke. You will notice that the outside pad is pressed against the metal rotor. Usually, there is at least ¼ of the pad should be visible. In case, you notice that there is less ¼ then you need to get the brake pad replaced.

The high-pitched screeching sound that you hear when brakes are applied is caused by a metal shim known as the indicator. You need to be aware of this sound as this an audible warning that the brake has to be replaced. If you hear it on a regular basis, then make sure that you get in touch with a mechanic.

However, there is one exception. If your car is sitting after being exposed to water, then a thin layer of dust might develop on the brake discs rotor because of the moisture. You need to keep in mind that this is a normal phenomenon and does not require brake replacement. When you apply the brakes of the car, the pads presses on the dust covered rotors which might cause it to squeal for few stops till the rust has worn out. Eventually, the sound will disappear.

Fading or Reduced Responsiveness

 In case, the brakes have lost their responsiveness, or if the pedal has sunk towards the floor, then it might indicate that there is a leak in the disc brake system.  It can either be air or fluid leak. One of the primary signs of the fluid leak is the presence of a small puddle of fluid in the parking spot. Brake fluid looks quite like motor oil but has a slight slimy structure.

Growling or Grinding

 A loud metallic sound from the car might imply that you have worn out the pads completely. The growling or grinding noise is caused when two pieces of metal rub against each other. This can scratch the rotors leading it to have an uneven surface. In case, this happens then you should not be surprised if the mechanic tells you that the rotor has to be turned or replaced.


 Brake Discs Replacement

If you find that the vehicle is pulling to one side when you apply the brake, then it might be a sign that the linings of the brake are wearing off. This shows the brake discs of your car needs replacement.

The brake wear varies with different factors. Some of the factors have been mentioned below.

  • Driving habit has a great influence on the break wear. The intensity with which the driver pushes the brake will determine how long the brake pad lasts. Also, keep in mind, smooth and gradual braking increases the lifespan of the pad.


  • Driving in the city is pretty difficult because of the traffic and traffic lights. You might have to apply the brake more frequently. However, if you drive you will not have to apply brakes so often. Thus, it also depends on the environment where you are riding the car.


  • The materials which make the brake also have an effect on its wear and tear.

When you plan on replacing the brake discs of your car, make sure that you have chosen an experienced and reputable car repair service.