Look for Before Buying A Used Car


These days people are not very fond of buying new cars , specially the middle class people. The reason is the high cost of it and also because the used cars are not that bad as it sounds. We also have lots of options in the used cars but before that , you need to look out for something. Make sure you check these pointers before buying a used car.


Firstly, you check out this car by taking it on a drive. Make sure you are checking, how it is performing, how are its jumps , how are the tyres and so on . Take it on different type of roads, Give it a tough competition so you can see that the engine is working nicely or you are riding a bad vehicle. Lots of things clear out when you take a test drive on a used car.


As the title suggests, check the interior and exterior of the car. Is it fine or has it got any cracks or scratches? Is the color original or is it repainted? The dashboard and meter are fine or is it broken. The gearbox is fine or does it stucks? Clutch, paddle and so on. All these things will give you the clear picture, what type or car it is and how much it should cost.


When you take the car on a ride , if it is leaking then that is the red flag. The car should not leak from anywhere. It could be green leak for anti freeze , pink fluid for transmission and black fluid for engine oil. Take your car on a clean road for a ride and then park some where and check is there any leaks on the roads, if so then it’s a no no car.


Check the price of the car that is it worth it ? is the brand and the model worthy of this much money or not. You can find that out by researching around from online and offline manners.


Have a mechanic inspection because, he is a professional and will check it the way it should be. Make sure the mechanic is trustworthy otherwise he might fool you and then get commission from the seller.


Lots of used cars are stolen. Make sure before buying you have checked it. You can check its history report from police stations and also from the documents seller is providing you. Check the authenticity of the documents too , that they are about this car and real or have been made forged. Police and vehicle department can help you out in this regard.

These are some of the points which can help you in buying a used car. These are very easy and beneficial points, so make sure you are doing these before buying a car or you could face some bad consequences due to laziness or useless quickness to buy.