How the MOT Test Is Meant to Work

BM8N30 Mechanics reparing car engine

The MOT test is designed to check whether or not your vehicle is compliant with road safety and environmental standards and emission testing is a big part of the process. You must get an MOT test for your vehicle if it is the third anniversary of the day you registered the vehicle or if it is older than three years. After your vehicle’s third year, it is mandatory that you put it through MOT testing every single year to ensure that it is still road legal and safe to use when in the company of other motorists.

Your MOT testing will last for a complete year and the date of expiration will be clearly printed on the last pass certificate received. You may send your vehicle for an MOT test no less than a month, minus a day, before the expiration date of its last MOT test and still retain the renewal date for the next year. Getting an MOT test sooner than this is perfectly acceptable but the renewal date for the following year will reflect the new date and not the date of the previous test.


You cannot get your MOT test just anywhere: you must take it to an approved MOT test centre to receive a valid and legal test result. MOT testing centres in Erith are happy to perform your MOT test and are staffed by qualified experts trained in the testing procedure. Look for a blue sign with three white triangles as this is a signal that the centre can legally carry out your MOT test and you only have to contact this centre to receive a booking for your MOT test.

During the MOT Test

During this procedure, important components of your vehicle are checked to ensure that they are compliant with legal standards. You can view the test from a special area but are not allowed to interact with the tester. This test will not cover the condition of the clutch, gearbox, or engine and you can consult the MOT guide and inspection manual for a comprehensive list of all tested components. Some simple and easily overlooked repairs can cause a vehicle to fail so remember to have your vehicle checked out before you bring it for your MOT test.