Know all about Oil Pressure Gauge in Brief


Maintaining the oil pressure in the vehicle engine is very essential. The important factor is for improving the longevity of any engine, the oil and oil pressure must be maintained at a perfect state. Believe it or not, although a small part of the big car engine, yet it plays an important role. While choosing the oil for your car, you might have chosen synthetic oil, premium or any conventional oil, but the key role is played by the oil pressure gauge. The pressure gauge serves as one of the early warning systems in all types of early warning system.

Types of gauge:

The pressure gauges are of two types. The first one is electrical and the other one is mechanical. Most if the modern and sophisticated cars have the electrical gauge. These help to calculate the pressure with the power for electrical gauge. The power is supplied through the wires which are stashed behind the vehicles dashboard. The resistance helps to correspond with the oil pressure. The good thing with the electrical gauge is that it can be easily integrated with your modern circuits.

On the other hand, with the mechanical pressure gauge, the pipes are used instead of the wires. In order to maintain the pipes, you need skilled and professional hands to work on them. With the mechanical gauges, the small pipes help to calculate the pressure as it flows through the engine. In case of any punctures or ruptures in the small parts of the vehicles, the oil pipe starts spewing the oil at the pressure which is caused by the engine. Due to this, the mechanical gauges need timely attentions and care.

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How to read?

Most of the modern vehicles display the indicators on the dashboard of the vehicle. There is mention of the label of oil symbol or any other indicators. The number ranges in between 1 to 80 or 1 to 100. Some vehicles even adopt at using the letter indicators such as low or high. However, each model of the car and the company have different manual instructions. The ways of reading the particular portion also varies such as zero reading, low reading and high reading scale. The zero reading of the gauge is appeared when the vehicle is on idle mode. It can be go a little bad, when this reading is shown during the vehicle’s high speed. It could mean that your gauge meter might be faulty, or oil level is too low or even worse, the oil pump is broken. It is wise to turn of the engine in any of the situation.

In case your oil pressure gauge indicates low, then it could mean that there might be some leakage in the mechanical gauge which has been caused due to long standing maintenance or worn out pipes. Although, it is not a serious matter of concern, care must be taken. Lastly, if your gauge needle points at the higher end, it directly indicates that there is a high oil pressure. The valve may be faulty or stuck due to the blockage in the oil delivery lines. If the needle settles at the midpoint, the car is running smooth. If the needle points to any of the extremes, get it checked with an expert.