Know When Your Car Needs to Visit an Auto Repair Shop


When it is time to bring back the original glory of your car, you look for a repair shop. But are you aware of the fact that, for vehicles there are two kinds f repair shops? One which they call as “auto repair” and the other “auto body repair”?

If you are already in the knowhow of these terminologies and never use them interchangeably, then you can skip this article. But if you are curious to know what make them differ from each other, then here’s an attempt to explain the same in simple words. These explanations are not gathered from the myths that are making rounds over the years, but from an authentic source who run the West Des Moines auto repair shop.

Defining the Difference

Auto Repair is the term that refers to the work done on the mechanical and electrical departments of a car, when needed. It is a shop that works with the most crucial, functional and mechanical components of the car, mostly internal.

The Auto Body Repair shops on the other hand, mentions the word “body” to let you know that they work on the external part of the car, that do not practically run on any complicated mechanism. Auto body repair shops will work on the overall structure, the body frame, windows, roof, windshield, fenders, bumpers, hood, trunk, and the like.

Departments Covered by Auto Repair Shops

When your car suffers some damage or malfunctioning in any of the mechanical parts like engine, transmission, suspension, or any other important electrical ones, know that you need to take your car to an auto repair shop.

In other words, parts without which your vehicle won’t run its usual way, are covered and addressed by the auto repair shop.

What About Post Collision

When that misfortune happens, that your car gets involved into a collision and suffers both external and internal damages, then is the time when you need to choose the shops wisely. In most cases, the experts will advise you to first visit the auto repair shop, and get the internal things done, before you bring it to the auto body repair shop.

It is so, because, while repairing the internal components, your car body might get scratched or dirty, that anyway will need a good dent job and paint work done. So, once your car is sound mechanically, you can take it for an external repair work to make it look as good as new.

But if the external damage is severe, that can’t be touched without restoring it back to the original shape, you can always reverse the process as well. However,

However, as learned from the famous auto repair service near West Des Moines, sometimes even the Auto body shops can do more than just repairing the exterior damage. They too will have a good team of mechanics who can deal with the internal components of your car. many times it so happens, that a mechanic in the auto body repair shop can suggest you the steps to be taken to repair the internal damages, while in minor cases, they themselves can address a few.