MOT Testing: 3 Most Common Failures


Making sure your car is ready for a MOT test is important, if you don’t have it checked beforehand, it could fail on a minor issue.

Here are 3 of the most common reasons for a test failure. 

  1. Lights– Over 15% of MOT failures are down to problems with your lights, most of the time it involves your headlamp or headlights. If your indicators don’t work or you’ve faulty break lights, your car will be deemed unroadworthy. To ensure you don’t fail because on your lights, contact a garage who provide reliable MOT testing in St George 
  1. Tyres– A high percentage of MOT failures are down to inappropriate tread depth. If your tyres are below 1.6mm your vehicle will fail its MOT test. In addition to tread depth, your car can also fail due to faulty tyres or abnormalities.   
  1. Registration Plate– One of the most overlooked areas on your car is the registration plate, about 15% of vehicles fail the MOT due to heavily damaged registration plates. A defective registration light can also mean you fail the test.   

Avoid MOT Failures

The best way to avoid any of the above failures is to have your vehicle checked by a professional service centre. If you book your car in for a comprehensive service, the test will cover areas such as:

  • Lights
  • Doors
  • Brakes
  • Tyres & Wheels
  • Steering & Suspension

If you want to pass your MOT test first time around, it is advisable to book your vehicle in for a detailed service and assessment.