Parts Avatar would help you to choose the right motor oil


There are a number of types of motor oil in the market, which are designed for different purposes. If you want to choose the perfect type of oil for your automobile, then you must understand the significance of the oil additives, viscosity ratings and even the classification codes.

  • Oil additives

The refiners would blend in different additives, which would help to keep your car engine cool, clean as well as corrosion free.

  • Viscosity ratings

We rate and identify the oil on the basis of its viscosity. This is because it determines its ability to flow. There is an oil viscosity chart in your owner’s manual; you can always look there to find out which viscosity would be the best for your vehicle.

Now when you have the right viscosity in your mind, then it is the perfect time to start shopping for a type of oil. There are a lot of commuters which follow the 3 month and 3,000 mile rule. There are a few car companies like the Mercedes-Benz and BMW, which would only recommend synthetic oil in their vehicle. If you want to know that what type of oil would be the best for your car, then you must have a look at your car’s owner’s manual. One thing which you should remember here is that you must not switch between types. If your car has initially started with the conventional oil, then you must stick with it. Have a look at various car oils:

  1. Conventional Oil

This oil is used in abundance at the dealerships and is also the cheapest of all oils at the car store. There are some owners who change their car oil frequently and have a low mile, so this oil is best for them.

  1. Premium Conventional Oil

This is the standard new car oil which is easily available in the common viscosities. There are three ratings of this oil which would cover the everyday vehicle on the roads, but it is changing day by day as the car engines today are becoming more precise and fussy about specific types of car oil.

  1. Full-synthetic Oil

This type of car oil is specially made for high tech car engines. This type of engine oil has longer lasting performance and it also provides protection against car engine deposits. It would flow better if the temperature is low and peak lubrication would be maintained at high temperatures. No doubt this oil is excellent, but yes one thing which you should keep in mind is that synthetic oil is three times more expensive than the conventional oil and is not necessary for most of the engines. If you are confused weather to use it or not, then you can always refer to your owner’s manual. If there is no requirement of synthetic oil and you are still using it, then it would simply be an additional expense that may not add anything to your car engine’s performance or its overall life.

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