How to Build a Bulletproof Vehicle For Your Use


You may have seen the bulletproof cars in various movies. These are one of the important types of vehicles that require being armored in the proper way so that it can protect the passengers sitting inside the car.

Here are some of the ways in which the bulletproof cars are made-

  1. The Frames and doors

Despite of what the movies have made you believe, the standard doors of the car will not prevent the bullet to enter the passenger chamber of the car. But, the doors of the car are the easiest areas to be bulletproof than any other. This is because the doors remains empty and can be open and sealed with the new type of raw materials inside for better security. In order to make this work, there should be a decrease in the functionality in the door so that the wires and electronics get removed later. The main trick lies in choosing the right type of materials you will use for the armor the door and the frame of the car. You should need the strong hinge and other security bolts to deal with the weight at the time of security.

You can armor the doors of the bulletproof cars whether by the alternative way or by the professional way. When you are armoring the car in the professional way, the doors are provided with the layers of metal or the ballistic nylon. They are expensive but reliable. When you want to armor the car in an alternative way, you can make the door more bullet resistant with the help of the common type of materials.

  1. Providing protection to the engine

When the car is being armored, it is very important to check that the engine should be totally protected. The engine should drive the car so fast that it hails out from the gunfire. Even there are many security cars that are not armored in the proper manner. The professional first starts to strengthen the front bumper of the vehicle. The main idea is to offer discretion; metal paneling is stacked under the hood region of the car.

  1. The interiors

In the bulletproof cars, the interiors are also armored in the right way. There should be always enough cover in the car. The seats and the barriers should be bullet-resistant. As the passengers have to sit on these seats, the interior should be made bullet-proof.

Thus, this is how the cars are made bulletproof by the manufacturers.