Safety has always been a prime concern for all drivers and passengers. Since ages, air bags have been used to reduce the chances of injuries or death during fatal accidents or collisions. Today, it is mandatory for every vehicle to have such safety measures, and technologies are continuously sharpening its ages to improve the level of safety in the vehicle.

How Does it Work?

Most of, or almost all drivers are familiar with these protection measures, which are built into the steering wheel and the dash of the vehicle. When a car meets any accidents or collapsed, sensors within the vehicle communicate with the safety measure and trigger it to inflate. Then, gas is released to fill the airbag within the one twentieth of one second. These bags work as a cushion for the driver or passenger to collide with as opposed to the windshield.  The amount of gas filled in the bag largely depends upon the severity of the crash and it makes sure that the victim, passenger or driver get proper amount of protection.

Side air bags are another type of vehicle safety measures. These products are designed to safeguard head and chest of the people who are involved in a side impact crash. Such protection products used to be hidden in the roof, door or seat of any vehicle. Unlike front airbag, these products are not legally mandatory to posses for drivers, but studies revealed that the side safety products have saved a lot of lives in the past a few years successfully.

Is there any fault?

Just like any other vehicle protection measure, these bags are not without any fault. Children are moiré likely to get hurt from these bags, and hence, mostly people do not place it in the front seat. If you have children or infant in home, be sure to place then in the back seat ion a rear facing car seat. Additionally, it also increases risks for drivers and passengers who sit less than ten inches from the bag as the force of the bag can cause harmful injuries. Technology is continuously changing, and hence, many new additions have been made in this context, for instance switches to turn on or off the bad and many others.

In short, air bags are really a life-saving product, especially when you face an auto accident. Since their invention, it has been observed that these products have reduced the percentage of crash fatalities up to a great extent. When you add other safety measures with these bags such as seat belts, you increase your safety effectively. As today, the volume of vehicles on road has been increased; safety has become a major concern. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with all latest protection measures to keep you and your family safe.