Taking Care of Your Car’s Interior

Car’s Interior

When you know your car looks its best on the inside and outside, you feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. While you may feel that your car is “clean” after you’ve washed and waxed the interior, you’ll feel much more comfortable in your vehicle when the interior is cleaned and vacuumed. Caring for your vehicle’s interior can also prevent premature wear and tear.

If you have leather seats, you can keep the interior from becoming worn and cracked and prevent the seat accents from getting matted and dirty by spending some time every few months caring for the leather. This material has become the top option for most vehicle owners so if you don’t clean and condition it well, it could change the look of the leather. Leather is pretty stain-resistant, which makes it a favorite among vehicle owners and can even withstand daily wear. However, proper conditioning and cleaning is necessary to ensure the leather keeps its natural oils and doesn’t crack or become stiff.

Keep your leather clean by vacuuming out all loose debris. Then, applying a pH-neutral leather cleaner; don’t use cleansers that are too harsh to avoid stripping the seats. Apply the cleaner to a microfiber cloth to make sure the leather doesn’t sustain any scratches or scuffs. If you’re using the cleaner for the first time, test a small hidden area of the leather to make sure the cleaner is best for the type of leather in your vehicle. Once you apply the conditioner to the seats, allow it to absorb into the interior for about two hours and buff it out with a clean microfiber cloth.

While they are rare, there are some vehicles with cloth interiors. If you have an older vehicle from when cloth interiors were more common, you’ll need to give the seats a deep cleaning two or three times a year.

Start the cloth cleaning process by using a shop-vac to get rid of loose debris from the crevices of the seat and the top layer of the cloth. Spray the surface of the cloth lightly with stain remover one spot at a time. Then, massage the area with a stiff brush so you can bring all the deep-rooted dirt to the surface of the cloth. Then, wipe the dirt away with a microfiber cloth and repeat the process until the entire cloth surface is clean.

There are, however, several vehicles that have interior made of Alcantara. This material is similar to suede and is included in many high-end performance cars. Alcantara is easier to maintain than suede and is much like the interior of a race car, so it’s ideal for people who have a passion for specialty vehicle. The fibers of Alcantara can trap dirt and become matted down, so you’ll have to follow specific instructions to care for it.

Use a soft brush to clean this fabric and keep it fresh; if you need a deeper clean, choose a cleanser that is formulated for Alcantara. After brushing the interior, apply the cleanser to a sponge and apply it to the material. Wipe the Alcantara with a damp cloth and let it dry completely, then brush the Alcantara again to keep the fibers from becoming matted.