Three Ways to Extend the Life of Tyres


It is necessary to have a good set of tyres on your vehicle to prevent breakdowns and save on fuel costs. After your tyres have been replaced, you can help preserve them by making sure they are properly maintained. Here are three things that you can do to ensure that your tyres last longer.

Keep Properly Inflated

To ensure that you’re keeping your tyres properly inflated, you should check them at least once a month. When the tyres are cool, check the air pressure with a tire gauge to make sure that they are not over- or under-inflated. Over-inflated tyres will become stiff and you will feel them vibrate when you’re driving. Under-inflated tyres will crack or start to separate, which can lead to tyre blowouts while driving.

Don’t Spin Tyres

If your car gets stuck in the mud, in snow, or on ice, don’t spin the tyres trying to free your vehicle. This can sometimes lead to tyre explosions as they heat up when being spun. To free a stuck vehicle, shift between drive and reverse to create a rocking motion. The motion should allow you to drive the vehicle out of the mud, snow, or sand in which you were stuck.

Check Treads

If you’ve had your tyres for a couple of years, check the tread height to see if they should be replaced. Worn treads can cause hydroplaning when you’re driving in the rain and low treads can be easily penetrated by debris in the street. If tyre treads are .16 cm or lower, go to a shop that sells tyres in Andover to replace them.

Regularly check your tyres for cracks, bulges, debris, and other damage that could lead to flat tyres. When tyres are in good condition and properly inflated, they will help your car drive better and your vehicle will use less fuel.