Top 3 Casino Golf Cars in 2017


Golf cars can, nowadays, be found in places that are not related to golfing. You can see them near the beaches, neighbourhoods, in the malls – some parts of mall security and police forces use golf cars for travel, or even in casinos. One thing we do know about casino-goers is they can afford to buy things. So, how is this article important? Let me explain. The number of people who have golf cars as their low speed vehicle has been growing exponentially each year and people who have been going to casinos for fun has been growing arithmetically. Usually, casinos have a golf course within its 10-mile radius. Come on, after golfing around with your friends, the next thing you would want to do is take your chances at a casino while sipping on some Long Island Iced Tea. I have broken down the top 3

1. The California Roadster – Limo

This golf car screams, “Maybe I am a high roller, maybe I am not.” This vehicle is not purely for looking good because this bad boy has a 17.5 horse power motor and can go up to 25 miles per hour. Besides looking like a movie star, having an entourage can also help since the California Roadster – Limo by ACG can carry up to 2500lbs. and that is more than a ton!

2. BN72-23-ADS-M

For the tourists out there, riding the BN72-23-ADS-M on your way to the casino will surely be a pleasurable ride. Its four-wheel hydraulic drum will make sure that the brakes do not make you spill your drink while riding and since the wheels are made of steel, there is no doubt that your tires are safely in place and will not come off during the ride. We do not want that.

3.  BN72-11-AC-D-M Wheelchair Accessible

Have you ever wondered how disabled people go to the casino? Well, this is the answer. The BN72-11-AC-D-M Wheelchair Accessible has a 9.5 horse power motor and comes with a ramp to help the people who need it get inside the van. You might be wondering, “so how do you access the ramp?” The ramp is manually put near the door to load and unload wheelchairs. Instead of having a contraption do that, it is better to opt for a manual one because it will cancel out having the worries of the ramp being inaccessible because this part of the contraption broke.

Sound awesome? These are only the top three so imagine the options that are available to you. If you want to find out more, click here.