Vehicle Exercise Duty Rule Change April 2016


April 1st 2017 will mark a change with VED car tax as we know it. Previously, vehicle car tax has been calculated with no consideration of the vehicle’s value – moving forward this will change. The new rules will primarily calculate your car tax on the value of the vehicle. So, how will this effect new car buyers?

In the past, tax was determined on solely on the CO2 emissions of a vehicle. But as of April 1st 2017, this rule will be no more. Buyers who purchase their new car before that date will still have their tax calculated against the old rules, but anything purchased after? Your tax will follow the new rules, meaning the greater the value of your vehicle, the more you are likely to pay for your tax.

Sound complicated? New and used car dealership Motorparks has created an easy-to-follow visual that guides you on how the new rules might affect you, including all the need to know information and which vehicles are likely to be hit the hardest by the rule change. For example, did you know that Mercedes-Benz C300 buyers are expected to pay an extra £2,370 over time.

Worried about how the rule change will affect you? Discover the below infographic so you aren’t hit with any expensive surprises.

Motorparks New VED Rules