What is a Tractor and How Have They Changed the Way We Farm


Generally speaking, the tractor is a wonderful example of heavy machinery which has been designed and created to carry out different kinds of heavy work. The types of work this machine can undertake will depends upon its size, what sort of attachments it has or is able to support, and the kind of duties it is designed to adequately accomplish.

Mechanically, a tractor is also able to be the motor for a tractor-trailer truck, but more often than not, they are specifically used for reasons of agriculture and that is certainly where you will see them working away the most. Tractors are occasionally viewed in places where excavation is underway, and also in roles regarding manufacturing, various industries and on building sites.

Versatility Thy Name is Tractor!

For reasons such as personal residential use, the humble tractor may be a wonderful machine that can go on to expertly perform in a variety of home maintenance duties. Anyone who is seeking top quality tractors in Lincolnshire, can use them for jobs such as:

  • Mowing in the summer
  • Landscaping projects
  • Ploughing in the winter
  • Hauling materials from one place to the next

Nowadays, with modern technology jumping forward in leaps and bounds, there’s a great range of up to date tractor designs which are making life even easier than tractor users would have thought of only 20 years ago.

Size Counts Depending on the Job

  • A personal tractor is in many cases, small to mid-size and powered by a 20 to 80 horsepower engine.
  • The largest tractors can have up to 200 horsepower engines which may naturally be used for all types of heavy work.

The horsepower is the one of the biggest factors in the differentials between the various kinds of tractors out there on the market. Tractor engines are nowadays commonly powered by either unleaded or diesel fuel, although there are some that can be powered on grain.

Flexibility Counts

Another major point when determining which tractor to decide upon for suitability is its flexibility regarding attachments and which ones it can support. Naturally, the more options one has for connecting different attachments to the tractor, the more costly it will be. Also, another thing to consider, is that the engine’s horsepower must be thought over with regards to which attachments will work effectively.

Popularity in Attachments

The most favoured and used tractor attachments are items such as:

Front end loaders


Box blades






Most of these kinds of attachments are interchangeable and can be easily used with different kinds of machines.

Collector’s Pieces

One more unusual addition to a tractors’ very helpful and invaluable work, is that there are a lot of admirers who actually collect and restore antique tractor models, and are members of particular tractor appreciation clubs. And then there are others who even use their machines to take part in recreational sports such as tractor racing and tractor pulling!

The humble tractor is with us to stay and thank goodness for that!