What to Consider When Selecting a Scrap Metal Dealer


If you’re based in Perth, you’ll have a large choice when it comes to finding a reputable scrap metal dealer in the area. There are various scrap yards dotted throughout the city, but which is the best one for you? Price is important, but it shouldn’t be a deciding factor, here are some things to consider when selecting a scrap metal dealer in Perth.

Visit the Premises

You can tell a lot about a scrap metal company by simply visiting their yard, if they have state of the art equipment, and a well-run operation, then you should consider this dealer when selecting a business. If it looks professionally run, with some of the best technology on the market, then there is a good chance they have access to multiple buyers, both domestic and foreign. This means they’ll be able to offer a better price for your scrap metal. You should have no issues finding good Perth scrap metal prices in the city.

It is also important not to quickly rule out a scrap yard just because it seems a bit disorganised or old, if the company has been in operation for a long period, then they should have a good contact base and knowledge of the industry.

Location of the Scrap Yard

Having a scrap yard which isn’t located too far out of the city is always more convenient, if you need to transport large consignments of metal, then you won’t want to have to travel too far. Better still, why not deal with a business who collects your scrap metal and takes it to their yard, some companies offer a free collection services which saves you money on transport costs. Another option is to inquire about site collection bins, these are large containers which are left on-site allowing you to fill them accordingly. Once full, you can contact the scrap yard and they’ll come collect the bin, its very convenient and it also provides you with a storage area.


If you use a wide variety of metal and you’ve a lot of scrap leftover from jobs, you’ll want to find a scrap yard who deal with all kinds of compounds, and not just one source. It is much more convenient to deal with a business who can take care of your entire haul, rather than having to sort one from the other. Here is a list of some of the metals they should accept.

  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Lead
  • Car parts
  • Batteries

Customer Service

This is always one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a company to do business with, it doesn’t matter what industry you are involved in, first-rate customer service is a must.

There are several scrap metal dealers based in Perth, but choosing the right one can be a bit challenging. Take all of the points listed above into consideration when selecting a dealer, price shouldn’t be your primary factor, you should  check their operation, location, and level of customer service before making a decision.