Who needs a camouflage film for their car?


Getting a camouflage film for your car is an excellent alternative to an expensive painting process. Although the main purpose of the camouflage film is to disguise the vehicle by giving it an unobtrusive look, it also completely changes the design of the car. Such a car stands out in a monotonous urban traffic drawing attention of many motorist around.

Aesthetic Transformation of your car

Digital technologies, which are used in the production of the film, make it possible to depict any drawing that you want. The most popular film is the khaki camouflage, which is wonderful at disguising a car in the forest, in the field and in any other wild terrain. It looks especially good on SUVs like Ford Edge or BMW X5.

Who needs a camouflage film

Most often, it is hunters and fishermen who want to cover their vehicle with a camouflage film. Those who prefer adventure holiday in the wild nature, far away from huge cities. As a rule, they tend to get a classic camouflage, which is dominated by dark green, black and gray shades. In addition, it is popular to get a camouflage film, which imitates the surface of the earth, grass or dense thickets of bush.

Fans of extreme sports also tend to wrap their cars with a special film. They use bright, unusual colors and drawings to help create a memorable look for their car.

Residents of cities, who never leave “asphalt” so to say, also get a film for their car, but in their case, the film is designed not to mask the car, but, on the contrary, to have an original drawing that emphasizes the identity of its driver.

Additional benefits

Although changing the design of a car is the primary task of such a film, the customer also gets additional “benefits”. If your car is wrapped in a camouflage film, it will protect the paintwork from small scuffs and scratches, which is particularly important for the owners of premium-class cars like Ford Fusion as they would not want to damage the expensive paintwork.

Moreover, this is relevant not only when driving in the forest, where the body is in contact with branches and bushes, but also in the city, with its busy traffic and overcrowded parking lots. If the car body already has small damages, the film should be able to hide them.

A quality film is easy to remove if the owner wishes to change the appearance of the car yet again. At the same time, there will be no traces left on the body of the vehicle on condition the film was applied and removed professionally.

Application of a film

First, the specialist will perform the measurement and the inspection of the car to determine the amount of work to be done, and the required amount of material needed. The car body will be thoroughly washed. After this, the vehicle will be wrapped in a camouflage film. As for the time, it usually takes one single day which is not all that much.