Things To Look For In A Convertible Car Seat – Safe, Comfortable And Reliable


Choosing a convertible car seat can be tricky for first-time parents. Usually, a child may spend many years in this seat, so you have to choose the best convertible car seats which provide safety, and comfort to your baby.

Generally, convertible car seats are available in so many varieties. For example, they all have different features, different types of foam, different sizes, shapes, and colors. Normally, a convertible car seat can converts from rear facing to forward facing. It can carry children with weight ranging from 640 to 1280 pounds and height between 40 to 57 inches. A convertible car seat can save you a lot of money instead of buying an infant car seat.

Baby love cosmic convertible car seats are made with the combination of safety and technology and the latest in fashion designs and accessories. This car seat can be a revolutionary choice. The compact size of these car seats enables three restraints to fit in the back seat making it perfect for small cars.

  1. Will it fit in your car easily?

Convertible car seats come in many different sizes. A few inches can make a big difference when it comes to installing them into your vehicle. So, it’s a good idea to make sure that the car seat, you select will fit properly in your vehicle prior investing in it.

  1. Consider the five-point harness system

Before buying a convertible car seat make sure the models you look, have five-point harnesses because this ensures a better fit which is more safer for your child. A five-point harness is a form of seat belt which contains five straps that are affixed to the car seat.

This five-point harness system includes chest belts, two straps, and a crotch strap which are considered important for safety. If your car meets with an accident, this system provides better grip and holds your baby more effectively.

Always check the straps to make certain that they are broad and do not twist easily. Because twisted straps reduce the area of a strap that would restrain a child during a crash, diminishing the seat’s effectiveness.

  1. LATCH (Lowering Anchors and Tethers for Children) System

This system is specially designed and it is an easy and effective method for parents to use when installing car seats without using seat belts. Most of the vehicles have a standard LATCH system in the back seat, which consists of metal bars. This system allows you to attach car seats directly to a vehicle’s frame instead of using the seat belts to secure your baby.

Most of the convertible car seats are equipped with a top tether strap and lower anchor connectors. But most of the manufacturers may recommend not using the top tether strap in the rear-facing positions.

  1. Head and side impact protection

Some convertible car seats have special energy absorbing foam and other features are designed to provide better protection to your baby’s head and chest in a side-impact accident. So, if you are going to buy a convertible car seat, make sure it has padded seat which provides plenty of head support to your child.

  1. Special consideration for premature baby’s

If your child is born prior the time of their birth, then you have to buy a special car seat for your preemie. Usually, premature infants are known as preemies. There are specially designed car seats available in the market for preemies and other infants who need special care. These car seats are specially designed to hold the preemies who weigh as little as five pounds.

But, if you want to purchase a convertible car seat for your pre-mature baby, then it is very important to make sure that their height and weight, both are perfectly met. Also, make certain that the harness has adjustable height and can be lowered enough to fit a pre-matured baby.