Why Semi Truck Purchase Considered A Long Term Investment


The trucking industry in the United States has come to favor Freightliner made by Daimler. In 2018, there were over 90,000 sales of Class 8 vehicles made by Daimler. The United States market for annuals sales is over 300,000 vehicles. There are few qualities the truck should have before purchase. It is important to decide used or new vehicle before finding the truck. 

Qualities To Consider Before Buying A Used Semi-Truck

  • Check Maintenance Records
    • Only work with a reputable dealer
    • Always try to contact the previous owner or Get History on the Truck

    These are not the only rules to follow to ensure you get a used vehicle that will help you. Maintenance records provide you some insight of vehicle being properly maintained The records should reveal who did the repairs, how often, and much more. It is important to find out what parts have been replaced. You want to learn as much about the engine and other aspects of the truck as possible to ensure you are not stuck with a bad truck. It is important to buy from a dealer who has a good reputation for selling quality used trucks. A reputable seller who has made several semi-truck sales could offer financing options that could translate to saving money. By initiating a sale with a reputable dealer, there may be more options for recourse to take if the deal goes sideways. It may be possible the dealer may offer a warranty, and this is great to have if something goes wrong with the truck immediately after purchase. Warranty will more than likely be short term warranty, but it can be helpful. It is important for the buyer to do their homework before making a used truck purchase. It may mean contacting the previous owner when it is possible.

    Factors To Consider When Buying A New Truck 

A new semi truck’s sales prices may range from $80,000 to $200,000. If you plan to be in the trucking industry for a long time, it may be important to purchase a vehicle that is brand new. There should be a good balance of storage space and good gas mileage for the truck. It is important to know beforehand how you plan to use the truck regarding what you will haul and terrain you expect to travel with the truck. Horsepower and the number of gears will greatly influence ownership cost. More horsepower translates to a bigger engine, it cost of a truck would be greater. You want to know what horsepower will meet your requirements for how you plan to use the truck. When semi-truck has several gears, it will help save fuel and the handling will be better. The number of axles on the truck will determine how much weight can be hauled by the truck. Axles will be a great influencer of how much will be paid for the truck. You will have a plan to what weights you will haul. A new truck can be a great investment and it important to take time to contemplate your trucking needs before making a final decision.