Why The Jeep Wrangler is the Ultimate Can-Do Vehicle


Some say the Jeep Wrangler isn’t really a practical car for everyday family use. We say that may be true if your idea of a family car is an econobox that gets 50 mpg and/or a minivan that seats a family of eight. For nearly everybody else, a Jeep Wrangler—especially in four-door Unlimited trim, can be a very versatile all-around vehicle. We’ll also show you why truck rentals ensure it will always be the ultimate can-do vehicle.

The Original Sport Ute

The Jeep is the vehicle that invented the category of sport utility before such a thing even existed. The US Army spec’d a small, nimble 4 x 4 car for reconnaissance and general transportation in 1940 and the resulting little truck was nothing short of revolutionary. General Eisenhower called it one of the indispensable instruments of Allied victory. It could go virtually anywhere with its short wheelbase and ample ground clearance and 4 x 4 transmission, and it did. Suffice to say, the Wrangler of today is the direct descendant of that instrument of victory so well used and beloved by GIs in WWII. It is still capable of getting you almost anywhere you could possibly want to go—off-road or on.

Today’s Wrangler—Not Your Daddy’s Jeep

Everybody knows a Jeep Wrangler can go almost anywhere off-road, but what a lot of folks don’t know is how well they perform in today’s urban environment. You can get a Wrangler with heated seats and power windows and satellite radio and a hardtop. You can get one with side impact airbags as well, to better protect the precious cargo your family vehicle hauls around. The Wrangler of today is almost too sophisticated for some Jeep purists. Urban families love it though, and appreciate all the comforts and luxuries the modern Wrangler can sneak inside its classic, boxy exterior.

So you may be thinking a Wrangler is fine, but it can’t haul long sheets of lumber around without a trailer or that it isn’t very practical for long-distance commuting. That is a fair objection, but we say as long as places like http://www.avonrents.com continue to rent big trucks and minivans to handle the jobs the Wrangler can’t…we’ll take the Wrangler for everything else.