Wild facts about semi-trucks


Have you ever thought of how the nature of semi-trucks is different from other vehicles? A semi truck can carry thousands of pounds as compared to the passenger cars. The entire nation remains charged with the semi trucks used to transport a variety of products, including foodstuff, electronic items, tools, and many raw materials. If you are an owner of a semi truck, you must ensure to give a call to the semi truck repair in Gainesville for maintenance purposes. 

To make you understand, we have compiled 10 astounding semi truck facts in a list. 

  • What’s the weight of a semi-truck

The limited weight of a semi-truck with a trailer in the United States is 80000 pounds. 18 wheels surround this weight. The semi-trucks are known as “Road Trains” in Australia, and they weigh over 300000 pounds. That’s because the roads are not so crowded in Australia as compared to the United States. 

  • What is the yearly travel time of truck drivers?

The drivers of a semi-truck cover about 140 billion total miles in a single year. Commercial truck drivers deliver over two-thirds of all the cargo in the United States. Almost 70 percent of all freight in the country is delivered by semi-trucks. Look for an eminent workshop on semi truck repair in Gainesville if your truck is causing problems. 

  • From where did they get their name?

The semi-trucks have got their name from the huge trailers attached to them. Since there are no front wheels in the trailers, they can only move with a truck’s help. Thus, they are known as semi-trucks. 

  • Are they fuel efficient?

The semi-trucks are not very much fuel-efficient. The average fuel consumption of a semi-truck is approximately 7 to 8 miles per gallon. The land on which the truck is running on and the load it’s carrying can affect the fuel efficiency. 

  • What leads to a semi-truck crash

The industry of trucks works intensely to improve the safety features of the semis every year. In the year 1997, ABS or anti-lock brake systems became compulsory. This feature provides safety to the drivers by preventing jack-knifing. Jack-knifing occurs when the rear wheels of an 18-wheeler lock up when the brakes are applied all of a sudden.  It can cause the trailer to swing at an acute angle around the cab. 

These were the things you should know about semi-trucks. Do share all the facts mentioned above with the truck drivers you know.