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Most car owners are often under the misconception that the outer look of the car is all the matters in the long run. Hence, while they would rush t treat a dent or a scratch that appearing on a car door or its hood, they ignore the inner mechanics of the car, until the time their car breaks down I the middle of the road or refuses to start. Cars, like the human body, needs to get complete checkups and that includes the hardware and structure that ensures the smooth running of the vehicle. One of those car parts that are not visible from outside, but plays one of the most important roles when it comes to the inner workings of the car is the drivetrain.

Components Of Drivetrain

The drivetrain is made up of many different sized and shaped components like clutch kits, flywheels, differentials, drive shafts, axles, drivetrain fluids, transmission components, shifters, and transfer case. Drivetrain plays a huge role in propelling the vehicle forward. Without the drivetrain a car cannot move forward let alone gain speed. The drivetain acts as a bridge between the transmission and the wheels of the car. It works to transfer power from the former to the latter, which regulates the torque that the driver puts on the car wheels.

A drivetrain is a lot more complicated to understand than any single car part that a vehicle is made up of, for example, the radiator or the grille to name a few. This is due to the fact that it is a complex network of different components working harmoniously with each other to make the car seamlessly run forward. To understand how the drivetrain functions, you have to first learn about the individual elements that it is made up of.

You have to learn about the universal joint that is responsible for the mutual integration of the two driveshafts which, otherwise, would be at odds with each other and cause friction due to their opposing angles. There are also components like the crankshaft, piston and the camshaft that work cohesively, forming the perfect trio. Together, these three components ensure that the combustion of the engine takes place in a controlled environment by timely opening and closing the intake and exhaust valves. The couple of axle half shafts, that are a part of the drivetrain, can change angles and applies torque to the wheels to accelerate its speed.

Kinds Of Drivetrain

However, the tricky part is that not all cars have the same drivetrain. Which means that a car technician who hopes to specialize in the field of drivetrains, has to not only understand and procure knowledge about the general components that the entire structure is made up of and what function each of its auto parts serve, but also the kind of drivetrain that is integral to the make and model of the car in question. Drivetrains can be categorized in two broad categories – manual and automatic. When it comes to a manual drivetrains, components like gears, clutches, propeller shafts and rear axles play an important role. On the other hand, car parts like torque converters, transmissions, propellers and rear axles are the ones doing the main job when it comes to automatic drivetrains.

Regardless of whether your car accommodates a manual or an automatic drivetrain, all the required replacement auto parts can be found in Parts Avatar Car Parts. Hence, if you are worried that you might not be able to locate a repair shop that stocks the car parts necessary to patch up or rebuilt your drivetrain, you need not look further. Some of the drivetrain components that are available here are:

  • Automatic Transmission Parts
  • Drive Axle Parts
  • Manual Transmission Parts
  • Transfer Case
  • Transfer Parts
  • U-Joints
  • CV Joints
  • Drive Shafts
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Wheel Seals

Drivetrain Sellers

The thing to remember about drivetrains is that they form almost the entire inner framework of a vehicle. Since it is the very foundation of a car, one should be extra careful while purchasing any of the components that make up the drivetrain of a car. While it might be tempting for you to opt for outrageous discounts offered by shady car manufacturers, it is never advisable to purchase a car part as crucial as a drivetrain from less than genuine dealers. Only brands which have a past record of successfully selling drivetrain components are reliable enough when it comes to purchasing aftermarket auto parts from. Some of the well-recognized brands in this regard are Delphi, Dayco, Hutchinson, Beck Arnley, BFH, Exedy, Nachi and ATF. If you don’t want to get duped by fake car parts sellers, it is safe to purchase the essential drivetrain components from Parts Avatar Canada, since only genuine and verified car manufacturers are allowed to sell their products here.

While car owners can try their hand at replacing car parts like mirrors and bumpers themselves, without paying to hire a car mechanic, it is not recommended that one tries to repair a drivetrain on their own. Regardless of the endless online tutorials, teaching you how to fix a drivetrain, one should not risk handling something like this on their own, lest they end up ruining it. However, if one is adept and has had experience in fixing a drive train before, with the right set of tools and equipments (which can also be bought at PartsAvatar Auto Parts) one can try to fix replace components of a drivetrain.