Best Rewards Programs for Auto DIY’ers


If you are looking for ways to save money on your automotive projects, you’ve got to understand the varieties of rewards programs out there and the ways you can make them interact. There are a lot of ways rewards for loyal customers or large orders can be structured, but the most common method today is through some sort of point system. Often, those points are used to track eligibility for either coupons and special discounts or gift card vouchers, sometimes both. That’s not the only thing you can expect, though. The industry-leading rewards programs from auto parts stores also incorporate discounts and sales that only apply to their members. It’s worth remembering that sometimes a system without points can be more rewarding if it has the right combination of coupons and other features.

Mailing Lists and SMS Coupons

When you’ve found a reward program that offers special deals for members, you can expect to have to sign up for either a mail or SMS list to receive the coupon codes and discounts. That’s to allow a private communication channel with those who qualify for the deals, so it’s to be expected. The best part about these deals is that members who are eligible for other permanent programs like military discounts can expect to get the extra savings from the service discount, too. That makes it even easier to fund big projects like restorations.

When you’re looking for a retailer with a good reward program and discounts on auto parts online, check for these programs:

  • Closeout sales and discounts
  • Daily deals and other sources of savings
  • Options for free or discounted shipping

Most of the top retailers offer daily deals for both their rewards program members and general deals, so it’s worth your time to check the website even if you are getting notifications about sales. There might be extra deals that didn’t fit in the notice.

Is It Worth Signing Up?

One of the objections most often voiced about these programs is that they add a layer of extra record-keeping with paperwork for sign-up and for reward tracking, but that is a historic myth from early in the history of these programs, when most of them involved paper applications. Your auto parts online order involves a lot of automated information that is permanently stored in your account. The reward programs work the same way, so online programs are easy to opt into. Sometimes you only need to provide a number for SMS messages, or just click a sign up button if you have an existing account. Retailers are making it easier by the day.

How Much Do These Programs Really Save?

It depends a lot on the retailer. Rewards programs could provide nothing more than one or two percent cash back in savings, or they can give you a window into deals and loyalty rewards that save you as much as 80% or more during the right sale windows. That’s why you need to know how many features they can provide before you sign up, to help you see when you are really getting the rewarding experience you deserve. Start your search today.