Explore The Entirety Of Australia By Car


Australia is the largest continent by land mass, but it is also the easiest to explore by car because the roads are flat and straight.

  • Anyone who has planned an exploration of Australia by car has to be comfortable with driving long distances.
  • Make Melbourne the base of the trip, because there are plenty of quality hotels with full amenities.
  • Once the road trip has finished, the happy travellers return to Melbourne and fly home to their original destination.
  • Going around the whole of Australia thanks to the car rental in Melbourne is a perfect opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. It will give holidaymakers the chance to go to some parts of Australia that tourists are not very familiar with.
  • Plan each stage of the road trip and then ask the group whether they are happy with these arrangements.
  • Select several people as the designated drivers for RV rentals on each leg of the trip. Fatigue needs to be taken into account because it is not ideal to have one person driving the whole way.
  • Get tips from locals about the best places to see in a certain area. Spontaneity is something that can enhance the trip. Don’t be afraid to go to places that seem a little bit remote or unusual.


Comfort is important, so make sure to rent an RV in Melbourne at the start of the trip and check that it is extremely comfortable.


How many people are coming along on this once-in-a-lifetime trip? If there are more than five people who are coming along, a minivan or a people carrier is the perfect type of vehicle. There is nothing worse than being cramped up with not enough legroom.

How To Pack The Boot

The boot needs to be filled with the right provisions. Take extra water, especially when the road trip is going to be passing through some remote areas near Melbourne such as rural Victoria. Temperatures in the outback can drop by a large amount at night, so make sure to pack some warm clothes.

Spare Tires And Equipment

A punctured tire can slow down the road trip considerably. Hire companies will need to supply safety equipment to tourists who are making this trip. Look at the equipment that has been supplied: firstly, the car has to have a spare tire. Also, a wrench has to be in the boot so that the nuts on the wheels can be loosened or tightened. Some companies also supply a flashlight and a high-visibility jacket so that people are visible to other motorists.

Don’t set off on a road trip around Australia without all of this essential safety equipment.

Make The Road Trip Endlessly Entertaining

One of the best ways to make the road trip entertaining is to spontaneously drive to places that are not on the planned route. Prior to setting off, check the fuel tank. The trip around Australia is unforgettable for all the right reasons!