How To Choose The Right Tow Bar For Your Vehicle?


Choosing the right tow bar for your vehicle may turn out to be a tricky job, considering the technical complexities associated with the process. You would expect your towing experience to be safe, simple, and most importantly, practical. Generally, tow bars come across four categories. These have their individual pros and cons. You need to scrutinize the advantage of using a particular type of tow bar before you purchase it. People consider the vehicle type and the specific need of wiring when they buy a tow bar.

Flanged ball tow bar

Tow Bar

At the outset, you need to weigh the load to carry. In case, you own a chassis cab or van, this type of tow bar will be the best choice for you. Flagged ball tow bar is used in the professional sector, and it can carry out heavy-duty services. These tow bars have the ability to pull a weight of 3 tons. Evidently, they are often used to pull trailers. In these tow bars the ball height is low. You can choose from the 2-hole, 3-hole, and 4-hole categories.

The key advantage of flagged ball tow bar is its adjustable height and availability. It can be assigned with heavier tasks and these are interchangeable from other systems for coupling.

What is a fixed tow bar?

  • People who use tow bars too frequently can buy a fixed tow bar. The advantage of buying this type of tow bar is that it does not need regular maintenance.
  • Most importantly, the durability of these tow bars is high. Most of these tow bars last for the entire life of the car.
  • For any given type of bike carrier, you can use this tow bar. A fixed tow bar is compatible with caravans, trailers, boat trailers, and horseboxes. In these types of vehicles, you need tow bars frequently. The durability of fixed tow bars is the key reason behind its popularity. These are available at the most competitive prices.

Diagonally detachable tow bar

In terms of usability, detachable tow bar is the ideal option for vehicle owners. The ball can be attached to the vehicle quickly and removed from it in quick time. It eases up the task and is better than other types of tow bars in terms of utility. It requires little effort to handle. After detaching the tow bar, the ball housing becomes almost invisible.

Tow Bar

  • It is easy to use because it involves no complex processes in attaching the vehicle to it. These are easily available and can be attached in quick time.
  • One can easily locate the housing in these tow bars. Diagonally detachable tow bars need limited maintenance and a storage bag is available for the tow ball. It comes with a rotary knob, ergonomic in nature for easy detachment.
  • When you buy this type of tow bar, you get more anti-theft features and they have the same strength as in fixed tow bars. They also ensure maximum nose load and towing weight.

What are retractable tow bars?

When you need a tow bar for regular use, according to the design of your car, retractable tow bars may live up to your expectations. It is virtually invisible in stored position, but you can make it ready for use in a few seconds. The tow ball is adapted to the bumper of the vehicle. This type of tow bar is retractable and can be easily activated by a lever below the car.

Therefore, you know the different types of tow bars now. You will be able to customize the ideal one for your purpose.