The Process For Having Your Car Scrapped


You do not even have to leave your house when you want to have your car scrapped. What is the process that you are going to have to go through?

You Find A Scrapyard In Your Local Area

You will be able to find a car scrap yard in Birmingham, and you will check whether they are going to be able to come to your house in order to take the car away. You should see if they have any testimonials or customer feedback that you can base an opinion of them on so that you know they are going to provide a quality service.

When you contact them, you will want to give them information about the car. They will agree a date and time when they are going to come and pick up the car.

The Scrap Yard Workers Come To Evaluate Your Car

The scrap yard workers are going to come and evaluate your car whilst it is sitting in your driveway. They will make sure that they inspect the interior and the exterior of the car. Once they have finished with the inspection, they are going to give you a price.

You can choose whether you are going to accept that price or whether you want to have someone else to come and look at your vehicle.

They Will Take The Car Away

Once you have agreed on a price, they are going to take the car away. This saves you a lot of space. It also gives you the opportunity to park your brand new car in the empty spot. People will busy lives will appreciate this option because they don’t have to go all the way to the scrapyard in order to get a good deal.

They Will Scrap The Car

The firm will scrap the car. This means that it will be broken down into its components and they can be sold off if they are still in working condition. You may end up buying similar second-hand parts when you are trying to fix your brand new vehicle. This is preferable to waiting around for someone to take the car off your hands.

You Can Leave Feedback About Them Online

You are going to be able to leave feedback about them online, in order to help other people who need to have their car taken off their hands.

Ring Them Up Again In The Future

Whenever you need to have a car scrapped, it can be taken off your hands by the same company. You just need to ring or email them and the process is going to be repeated. They will consider any type of car, no matter what condition it is in or how old it is.


You can research different scrap yards and then they are going to perform a valuation. They will give you the money and take the car off you. This process can be repeated whenever you need a car to be scrapped.