The Human-Centric Design Approach of Mazda


At Mazda, all the departments are working towards the aim to materialize to build up the perfect environment that is ideal for driving. The thinkers of Mazda are united with the belief that for any driver, the experience of Jinba Ittai is a must. And that is what drives Mazda to sketch out its new-generation products.

At the Houston Mazda dealer, a team of experts explained to us, that Mazda will always take the human-centric approach while designing a car, and that is why driving any Mazda car will always be a pleasurable experience for anyone who sits behind the wheels.

The Aim of Mazda Design

Mazda is not a brand that would be done with its designing once it has got enough points to sell better than its rivals. Each Mazda model depicts the Mazda philosophy that stands on the ideology that comfortable driving environment is necessary to enable in a driver the ability to respond promptly to the demands of any situation. What is equally important is the smooth operation of the car that establishes the oneness between the man and his car, which they call as Jinba Ittai.

To create such an ideal driving environment, Mazda is in the continuous process of creating more and more  “human-centric ” design approach.

Achieving the Best Driving Posture

After years of extensive research on how a human body reacts to the different driving situation, Mazda has arrived to a conclusion that any human body can work it’s best in a relaxed posture, that would not cause fatigue to sneak in. That way the human mind will also act in a more responsive manner, when it won’t have to constantly struggle with unnecessary physical discomfort. This finding led Mazda to work on specific measurements, focusing more on joint angles and conditions of the muscles that is observed usually in people, when they are sitting in a relaxed posture. Mazda also considered the fact that different people will have different range of view and vision movement. The result of all this hard work is the creation of an optimal pedal position that won’t strain the leg muscles, while the foot of the driver will have the correct angle to tap on the pedal, as often as required without straining the nerves and muscles of the ankles and toes.

Mazda Products Reflecting the Human-Centric Design Approach

Mazda keeps identifying the issues to continue its human-centric design approach through its models. By pursuing this ideal, Mazda has recorded their memorable journey of how they efficiently resolved each of those issues. The experts of the Houston Mazda rounded up the discussion with the explanation that all this was done by the effective collaboration across all the organizations with whom Mazda works. And together they created a car housing that ensures a perfectly drawn comfortable driving environment that makes each driver feel an instant connection with the vehicle he is driving. That’s how the concept of “Jinba Ittai” is reflected though every Mazda product that gets released from the factory, creating a benchmark of driving satisfaction level among the drivers who drive a Mazda car.