The Main Reasons To Take Your Vehicle For An MOT Test Before Your Old Certificate Expires


One of the most important documents that are legally required before you are able to drive a vehicle on the roads is an MOT certificate which is issued by the Ministry of Transport. Indeed, many people are not aware that getting an MOT certificate before the previous one has expired is an option that is available. Furthermore, it may be difficult to find an MOT test centre which will accept your vehicle for testing if you leave it until a short time before the existing certificate expires. Therefore, if you need a new MOT in Tamworth, you should be aware that a number of test centres will be able to check your vehicle for roadworthiness.

One of the main reasons that you should take your vehicle for its MOT test before the old certificate expires is that you can prevent future inconvenience as a result of not finding a garage in time which will be able to test your vehicle. You should be aware that any vehicle can be taken for an MOT test during the month before the current certificate’s expiry date. As a result, you should always shop around for a number of garages in your local area which may be able to schedule an MOT test for your vehicle. To make sure your vehicle has the relevant legal documentation, you should always book your vehicle in early for its MOT test before the old certificate expires.

  • Make sure you book an MOT test in plenty of time.
  • Contact a number of MOT test centres to check for availability.
  • Understand that your vehicle must have a current MOT certificate at all times.
  • Ensure your vehicle is road legal by passing an MOT test.

Lastly, every vehicle on the road has to be checked for roadworthiness, while you should ensure that your vehicle is booked into an MOT test centre before the old certificate expires.