Three Great Tyre-Buying Tips


When you are buying tyres for your car, there are many options that will fit a specific model of vehicle and finding the right tyres can be difficult if you do not know what qualities to consider. The more you know about your car, the way you use it, and how far you usually drive, the more likely you are to find the right tyres provided by quality retailers across the UK. Therefore, you work in your better interests by following these key tips for finding great tyres.


The first thing that you must do before anything else is determine the size of tyre that you need and you can find this by looking at the sequence of numbers on the sidewalls. If you are unsure which numbers pertain to the size of your tyres, you can get a qualified tyre supplier to help you look and determine the correct information. Replacement tyres should always match the noted size, which can also be found in the car’s owner manual and is not necessarily what is currently on your vehicle.


Tyres in West Sussex naturally deteriorate over time and this is especially true in climates that are hot for long stretches of time. A tyre’s fabrication date is noted as a four-digit number following a letter sequence and it will indicate the week and year that it was manufactured. It is recommended that tyres be changed after six years, regardless of their condition. When looking for great tyres, make sure to check the age to ensure that you have young tyres ready to provide optimum service over the next several years.


When you are in need of tyre services, look for companies with a great reputation and many years working in the field. After all, the care put into your tyres will also translate to a better-running car that will take you to your destination further, faster, and smoother. The more that you can do to improve the quality of your tyres by using a qualified company, the less likely you are to discover a problem later.