Used cars can be better than new cars


There is always pressure to buy new cars, with ads showing happy people living a luxurious lifestyle.  Beautiful women with expensive jewelry or young people on adventures are the ones who get new cars in television advertisements.  Dealers offer specials with extra features and great rates.   It’s rare to see a pushy ad for a car that isn’t brand new.  But for someone who wants a car that looks good, drives well and is dependable, a new car might not be the best choice.


Used cars are better for those who are on a budget. That may seem obvious, but new cars cost several thousand dollars more.  The biggest part of a new car’s value goes down pretty much as soon as it’s driven off the lot and isn’t a new car anymore.  The initial drop in price within the first year is about twenty percent.   With a smaller vehicle price also come smaller state taxes, and in most states that leads to a much smaller registration fee.    Those smaller prices result in cheaper auto insurance, which can be the most significant cost of owning a vehicle.  Entire elements of coverage can be dropped as the technical value goes down. The overall savings add up quickly and visibly.


Cars are lasting longer and longer, and the average car on an American road is more than ten years old now.  100,000 miles used to be a lot, but there are vehicles which are getting 200,000 miles.  Also, it’s no longer necessary to get a new vehicle to get a warranty.  Warranties will cover the most important and expensive parts of the vehicle which could break down. Because of modern reporting services, it is possible to find out what has happened to a car before buying it.  The vehicle history report will list information such as how many people have owned it, mileage validation and previous history of crashes or other Lemon Law violations.  

Being able to get those fancy features

If the overall price of the car is low, it may be possible to get cool, modern features or even that dream car in an earlier model.  A sunroof, a nicer stereo or nice leather seats might become affordable in a less expensive car.   Some cars have Wi-Fi, rear-view cameras, seats that not only heat but massage, and many other features.  If people don’t want something fancy, they can still afford a higher quality car than their budgets would normally allow if they choose one which isn’t brand new.


Being able to make a choice with so many real options is much more satisfying than simply finding the most expensive or newest or flashiest model.  A buyer also gets the satisfaction of knowing that he or she has chosen options from real personal preferences, which in turn will make the car ownership so much more satisfying.