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The Importance of the MOT Test

If your vehicle is over 3 years old, you must take it for an annual MOT test. This law applies to cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles and more. The test ensures that your vehicle is safe to drive and roadworthy. If you don’t have a valid MOT certificate it is against the law to drive on the road. If you’ve never had a test done before, you can schedule a MOT check in Littlehampton. There are several garages which are MOT approved test stations in the area. During the MOT test your vehicle will be carefully inspected by a skilled technician.

They examine a range of different components, including:

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Emissions
  • Seat Belts

If you fail the exam, you won’t receive a certificate of roadworthiness. Most garages will allow you to retest for free if you’ve failed the first time around.

The MOT ensures your vehicle is safe to be on the road, it was designed to prevent any accidents or breakdowns. Once a vehicle has this certificate, you know it is in good condition and all of its main components are in excellent working order.

Picking a MOT Garage

There are plenty of approved test centres up and down the country, so you should have no issues finding one close to home. Some have seating areas equipped with tea and coffee making facilities which is convenient while you wait. Some go that extra mile and offer a vehicle collection and delivery service. They’ll can also drop you home and collect you if you prefer that option.

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Been in a Car Accident? Here’s How to Find a Suitable Body Shop

So, you’ve been in a car accident and your vehicle has suffered some damage. A first-class body repair centre can deal with anything from a minor bump to a major collision. It doesn’t matter if the incident was your fault or the fault of another driver, it is important to get the vehicle fixed by a skilled technician. You’ll find plenty of businesses that specialise in bodywork repair in Chichester if you are in the area. Once you’ve filled in an insurance claim or made an agreement with whoever was involved, the next step is to seek out a repair garage.

Asking the Right Questions

If you’ve searched online and found a handful of repair specialists you’d like to contact over the phone or visit in person, you must have a list of questions you’d like to ask them. When selecting a garage, make sure to ask the right questions. Here is a sample of the type of information you’d like to uncover.

  • Are your technicians qualified?
  • How many years have you been trading?
  • Will you use genuine manufacturer parts?
  • Do you provide a warranty on repairs?

Word of Mouth

Aside from using the internet to find local auto repair shops, you can speak to people close to you who might have had work done in the past. Post a short message on social media to see if anyone can offer you some recommendations. Getting a referral from friends or family is usually the most reliable and effective way to find a garage.

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Professional Car Valeting: Eliminate the Stress of DIY Car Cleaning

To some people, their car is their pride and joy and they do their utmost to take good care of it. Others clean their car less regularly, but understand the benefits of maintenance. Either way, taking care of your vehicle takes time and motivation. It is something that has to be done in our spare time, so most of us don’t enjoy cleaning our car. You can go online and search for a “full car valet near me Plymouth” if you’d prefer a professional company to service your vehicle. An experienced team will have the skills and knowledge to maintain all types of vehicles, providing you with an outstanding service. The following reasons are why so many car owners choose to leave their vehicle into a professional valeting company.

  • Eliminate the labour
  • Convenient and quick
  • Access to experienced valeting professionals
  • Won’t damage your vehicle
  • High quality, thorough results

All of the above points are great reasons to ditch the DIY project and book your vehicle in for a professional valeting service.

Reasons to Avoid a DIY Car Cleaning Project

DIY projects are fun to do for many reasons, but when maintain an expensive vehicle, it is better to call in the professionals. If you don’t use the right cleaning agents or the correct techniques, you could do a lot more damage than good.

Professional car valeting companies offer high-quality services that guarantee results, if you choose the right company, your car will look immaculate every time you visit.

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Four Wheel Drive Tips for Off-Road Beginners

Tackling off-road driving for the first time can be downright intimidating. If you’ve recently decided to take the plunge into four-wheel-driving, you may be wondering where to start your off-roading. There are thousands of buddying four-wheel-drive enthusiasts around the world who all started with no experience. The key to enjoying the off-road is taking the time to learn about what is required from your vehicle and as a driver so that you can have a safe and enjoyable trip.

In Australia, the four-wheel-drive market is booming. According to the Australian 4WD parts store Sparesbox, the market is continuing to grow as a result of the enduring popularity of SUV and 4WD models in Australia. The company believes that four-wheel-drive and SUV owners are becoming more aware of the capabilities of their vehicles and are starting to utilise their potential in a recreational environment.

Before you pack your 4WD and head off-road for the weekend, there are a few very important questions that need to be answered. Some of the most pressing 4×4 questions for newbies include:

  • What terrain can my vehicle handle?
  • What’s the best 4×4 track for a beginner?
  • Do I need to do a 4WD course to get up to speed?
  • Will my vehicle be covered by insurance off-road?

They’re all valid questions that need some consideration before you start tackling the nearest four-wheel-drive track. You need to remember that if you’ve got a proper 4×4, this is what your car was made to do. The high driving position may be the main selling point for most of these vehicles, but they are completely overqualified for doing the school run and being a glorified shopping trolley.

The Starting Point

The first thing that you need to do is understand the capabilities of your vehicle. There are plenty of ‘4WD’ models on the market that are more suited to a leafy lane than a tough outback track. The first thing that you need to do is ask your vehicle manufacturer as to whether your vehicle is actually suitable for off-road driving.

You need to understand whether your vehicle has a proper four-wheel-drive system, or whether it is simply a driver aid for wet conditions. Know the largest approach angle that your vehicle can climb without scraping or catching while the departure angle needs to be the same for the rear.

Find a Buddy

If you’re getting into four-wheel-driving for the first time, you should find an experienced off-road buddy who can help you work out the best path, suitable off-road routes, and the necessary hand signals to be able to manoeuvre your way out of a tricky situation. If you don’t know of anyone who is into four-wheel-driving, head to Facebook to find your local 4xx4 community. There are groups that will meet up most weekends to tackle four-wheel-drive tracks that are within a one-hour drive of most major cities in Australia.

We also recommend that first-time four-wheel drivers ask their manufacturers whether they offer training events of drive days where you can explore the capabilities of your vehicle in a controlled environment. This will ensure that you have some baseline skills before tackling 4×4 tracks out in the bush.

Take it Slow

Lastly —and most importantly— remember to take it slow. Four-wheel-driving is a lot of fun, but you need to ease yourself into it and gain experience on some easy tracks before you look at tackling technical outback tracks. Like anything, you will gain experience that can only be learned from first hand exposure.

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What to Look for in an Auto Accident Repair Garage

Whether you are looking to have a small dent repaired, or a more serious repair, you will need to find a good auto body repair shop, and with that in mind, here are a few indications of a good car repair garage.

  1. Customer Focused – From initial contact until the repair is completed, you should be kept informed at every stage, and if there are options, the garage should explain these, and give their honest opinion on the best way forward.
  2. Qualified TechniciansThere is a reliable accident repair company in Basildon that only hires time-serviced mechanics, and they are experienced at working with all makes and models.
  3. State of the Art Facilities – The garage should have a pain spray room, along with the equipment that is necessary for carrying out body repairs. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a cost-effective way of fixing small dents, and any good repair shop would offer this service.
  4. NBRA Registered – If the garage is a member of the National Body Repair Association, this is a good indication of top quality service. The association is very fussy when it comes to membership, and any garage that passes their stringent requirements is certainly a good company.
  5. Customer Testimonials – This is another good indication of what to expect, and any repair shop that has lots of glowing testimonials will likely be an excellent choice. Customer service is an important aspect of the industry, and the customer should always be informed at every stage of the repair.

If you look for a repair garage that offers all of the above, you should be very happy with the outcome.

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Road Trips: Important Car Checks You Shouldn’t Forget

If you are going on a long road trip, it is imperative that you have your vehicle checked prior to driving. The last thing you need is to break down in a remote part of the country because you failed to check your vehicle before departing. If you need car repairs in Kent or any other part of the country, book your vehicle in for an appointment prior to going on a long trip. Professional auto shops offer a broad spectrum of repairs and services, this a short list of what they can do for your car.

  • Check the brakes
  • Examine the exhaust
  • Inspect the engine & gear box
  • Perform an oil change
  • Fix electrical faults

All you have to do is get in touch with a local company and discuss your needs, they’ll be able to run a comprehensive diagnostic on your car to ensure it is safe and ready for your upcoming road trip.

Key Inspection Points

  • MOT

Along with keeping your car properly maintained, you should also check your MOT status. You’ll inevitably come across checkpoints, so you must have all your documents in order. You can be heavily fined for having an out of date MOT certificate, so check before you depart.

  • Tyres

A car garage will perform this task for you if you bring your vehicle in for an inspection, but you can still check your tyres when you leave on the return leg of your journey. Check for any damage such as cuts, cracks or bulges.

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How are Auto Air Conditioning Repair Services Beneficial?

The air conditioning system is an important part of every vehicle. It is highly beneficial for enhancing your driving experience, particularly when heading out on a long trip during summers. Auto air conditioning system effectively regulates air temperature, humidity, purity, and motion no matter what the weather conditions are outside. Thus, for a relaxing driving experience, the proper functioning of the vehicle’s air conditioning system is essential.

However, just like any other system, auto air conditioning system may start causing trouble in spite of taking necessary steps for maintenance. This may come to your notice in the form of some noise or hot air blowing out, or when your vehicle’s air conditioning system simply stops functioning. Such a situation calls for you to hire professional auto air conditioning repair in Dubai. Although many people try to fix the air conditioning system on their own, there are various benefits associated with letting professionals do their job. Read on to know what these benefits are.

  • Services ensure that your auto air conditioning system continues to perform optimally. It is a well-known fact that no machinery functions well without proper inspections and maintenance services and so is the case with auto air conditioners as well. You may get stuck without the AC working properly when you need it the most. Complicated scenarios such as refrigerant leaks may still cause the air to blow; however, it will be comparatively warmer as against what it blows when the air conditioner functions optimally. If you let the professionals do their job, they will be able to ensure that it continues to perform properly. Professional air conditioner repair services providers regularly inspect your vehicle’s system to fix all the problems even before they occur.

  • Professionals can remove the airborne contaminants effectively. When you hire professional auto air conditioning repair services, they will blow up the system to check whether or not it is blowing cool air. If the air filters happen to be dirty or require replacement, hazardous waste starts spreading into the air as soon as you switch on the AC. By hiring professional services, you can prevent this from happening. These professional thoroughly clear dust, pollen, mold, and other airborne contaminants and thereby enhance the quality of the air within the vehicle.

  • Professionals can replace worn or damaged parts. Even after taking due care and regular servicing, it sometimes happens that the AC still does not function properly. This will lead the air conditioner’s components to get worn or damaged. If you hire professional auto air conditioning repair services, the experts will replace the parts and properly install them so the system continues to function efficiently.

How often should you get your vehicle’s air conditioning system serviced?

An auto air conditioning system that is well-maintained can go for a considerable amount of period without requiring any huge repairs or services. Auto air conditioners, however, lose about 0.4-0.7 ounces of refrigerant per year and this is a normal phenomenon. But you will still need to hire professional services annually to keep everything in check. Any minor damages can come to light with regular maintenance services and these can be repaired before they pose any bigger problems which have you spending heavily on repairs and replacements. Leaking Freon is highly harmful not just for the environment but also for your health if it reaches you within the car through the air vents. A well-maintained air conditioning system is your best bet at having a comfortable ride and that too without spending much.

How often should you get the cabin air filter changed?

Have you or others riding in your cars been experiencing headaches, breathing problems, or allergic reactions as a result of riding in the car? Probably it’s time for you to change the vehicle’s air filter. These typically need to be replaced after the completion of every 13,000 to 16,000 miles. However, if you happen to live in a heavy pollution zone, it is advisable that you change the cabin air filter post the completion of every 5,000 to 6,000 miles or after every 6 months, whichever is earlier. These are a few major benefits of hiring auto air conditioning repair services. Besides these benefits, remember that a well-qualified and trained professional will be able to fix other issues with the system as well, such as leaks, electric current problems, fluid refills, and more to ensure that your vehicle’s AC continues to function properly for the longest time. However, to avail all these benefits, you will have to visit one of the UAE best car garage that offers professional and reliable service provider.

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The Importance of Local Garage Services

The value of a local specialist for all manner of services should never be under estimated. From a local plumber to a local mechanic to a local shop, these are people you can rely on when you need them. No one wants the inconvenience of travelling for miles of out of town when you can get what you are looking for within reasonably close proximity of your home, business or place of work. Reading garage services are a good example if you are local to the area. No matter how reliable your car is, there will be, on occasion, times when you need the services of a quality mechanic and this is made easier if they are based in your locality. Things like brake repairs and new tyres simply cannot be put off indefinitely, as ignoring problems could lead to much more serious consequences such as court convictions and in a worst-case scenario, accidents and injuries. Most local garages will offer a range of services, including but not limited to:

  • MOT testing
  • Diagnostics
  • Air Conditioning
  • General Service
  • Body and Mechanical Repairs

The list above is by no means exhaustive but when you need any of these services, you’ll be glad you noted the contact details of a local garage services. Local services are the lifeblood of any community not only for convenience but also the level of customer care received, which is generally head and shoulders above what you may receive from the big multinational companies that pepper the UK’s business landscape.

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Car scratch repair. What should you know?

We all know that the time spent on the road can affect the car in different ways. For example, dents or other damage may appear on its body. You can easily remove scratches on a car on your own. Nowadays you have the opportunity to buy a wide range of various means for removing scratches from a car and painting damaged areas, irregularities, and chips.

Experience shows that cuts on the bumper are the most widespread types of scratches. Also, chips often appear on the doors of the car. If you find scratches on your favorite car, you don’t need to run to the auto workshop immediately. Sometimes, you can do removing scratches from a car easily by yourself.

Before starting the process, you should know the following important information regarding the car surface.


  • Layer 1 – lacquer
  • Layer 2 – base enamel
  • Layer 3 – primer
  • Layer 4 – phosphate
  • Layer 5 – steel sheet

Before repairing chips and scratches, try to identify the degree of damage. First, determine its depth.If you understand that the scratches are insignificant and the steel sheet is closed, you can start working on your car’s surface.


  • removing scratches without painting using a special masking pencil
  • removing scratches from the body with plastic polishes

Nevertheless, if you are not sure in your abilities or damage is quite big, it will be better to apply to specialists for car scratch repair.

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MOT Testing: 3 Most Common Failures

Making sure your car is ready for a MOT test is important, if you don’t have it checked beforehand, it could fail on a minor issue.

Here are 3 of the most common reasons for a test failure.

  1. Lights– Over 15% of MOT failures are down to problems with your lights, most of the time it involves your headlamp or headlights. If your indicators don’t work or you’ve faulty break lights, your car will be deemed unroadworthy. To ensure you don’t fail because on your lights, contact a garage who provide reliable MOT testing in St George.
  1. Tyres– A high percentage of MOT failures are down to inappropriate tread depth. If your tyres are below 1.6mm your vehicle will fail its MOT test. In addition to tread depth, your car can also fail due to faulty tyres or abnormalities.
  1. Registration Plate– One of the most overlooked areas on your car is the registration plate, about 15% of vehicles fail the MOT due to heavily damaged registration plates. A defective registration light can also mean you fail the test.

Avoid MOT Failures

The best way to avoid any of the above failures is to have your vehicle checked by a professional service centre. If you book your car in for a comprehensive service, the test will cover areas such as:

  • Lights
  • Doors
  • Brakes
  • Tyres & Wheels
  • Steering & Suspension

If you want to pass your MOT test first time around, it is advisable to book your vehicle in for a detailed service and assessment.